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Polyimide films are cast from polyimide varnish obtained in a dimethylformamide solution.

Polyimide films are characterized by excellent physical and mechanical properties. They retain their elasticity over a wide temperature range. They are characterized by high fatigue and long-term strength, as well as low creep. Polyimide films are a low-friction material. They cannot be dissolved in organic solvents. They are resistant to oils and exhibit good resistance to radiation. Trey can be destroyed (hydrolyzed) by concentrated acids and alkalis.


The main feature of this material is its ability to maintain physical, mechanical and electrical insulating properties in a wide temperature range (from -200°С to + 400°С). Polyimide films are widely used in aviation, electrical engineering, radio mechanics and many other industries mainly as high-strength insulating material. The great advantage of using polyimide films is their incombustibility. When used as electrical insulation, polyimide films allow to increase the output and reliability of electric machines, mechanisms and devices, increase their operating temperature, as well as decrease their volume and weight. Polyimide films can be metallized.

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