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Over the years, Estrocom LLC:

- registered the following patents:
1) patent for an activator of a unit designed for processing polyimide-fluoroplastic film in the barrier discharge,
2) patent for a device designed for the production of polyimide film and a method for the production thereof,
3) patent for a method for the production of polyimide materials;

- completed ISO 9001 quality management certification;

- received a license to create, supervise during manufacturing and manufacture new materials and semi-finished products for rocket and space equipment;

- received certificates of compliance.

FSUE All-Union Institute of Aviation Materials (FSUE VIAM) recommended that the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation engages Estrocom LLC for R&D works on the following topic: “Development of the technology for the production of heat-sealable polyimide films by sputtering technique and new generation polyimide films by biaxial orientation during the imidization stage”. In May 2010, we executed the government contract No. 10411.1003702.13.025 for the execution of the R&D works.

During the implementation of government contracts we worked with:

  • OJSC “MIPP – NPO Plastic”. Carried out R&D works to develop an experimental technology for the production of polyimide materials with superior properties and corresponding to the best world standards;

  • JSC "Special Design Bureau for the Cable Industry" (JSC “OKB KP”) carried out research work on insulation using our patented technology;

  • N. N. Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics Russian Academy of Sciences (ICP RAS). A technology for spraying fluoroplastics on polyimide films was developed;

  • OJSC “Institute of Plastics named after G.S. Petrov”. Properties of oriented films were studied;

  • FSUE VIAM. The technology for the production of multi-layer plates from polyimide-fluoroplastic films tested;

  • OJSC Scientific Research Institute of Electronic Materials (OJSC NIIEM). R&D work titled “Development of polyamide-acid varnish with physical and mechanical properties characteristic of foil dielectric varnish” and research work titled “Improving the quality of polyamide-acid varnish with physical and mechanical properties characteristic of LFA-grade varnish”

  • In May 2012, Estrocom LLC executed a 4-year contract for development work titled “Development of polyimide films with low moisture absorption, optically transparent, thermally stable, with bulk electrical conductivity for space industry products” as part of the fulfillment of a government contract with the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos).

    Four Estrocom company’s proposals are currently being considered by the Russian Federal Space Agency for implementation within the framework of the federal special-purpose program titled “Development, restoration and organization of the production of scarce strategic and import-substituting materials and low-tonnage chemicals for weapons, military and special equipment”
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